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COHEALI 32pcs Xmas Notebook Reusable Scrapbooking Stencils for Kids' Painting and Crafts

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SNOWFLAKE DRAWING STENCILS--Using these Christmas stencils, you can leave Christmas signs on most objects, such as window glass, doors, wood, walls, and more.

CHRISTMAS PAINTING TEMPLATE--Made of durable plastic, these stencils are washable, allowing you to reuse them for creating beautiful festival decorations.

XMAS PAPER DRAWING STENCIL--Enhance your creativity by using various pens or brushes to paint through the cutouts of these templates or spraying on them.

WALL PAINTING BOARD--Explore different artistic styles with these reusable painting templates, offering you a wide range of options for crafting.

CHRISTMAS DIY STENCILS--Embrace the classic Christmas theme with a variety of patterns and designs, making your DIY projects truly festive and memorable.


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